Artists’ Film International, part II

During the period of may 2 - june 16 the second edition of Artists' Film International is shown at Bonniers Konsthall. The selected films are presented below.

Participating artists.

Jacopo Miliani: Deserto, 2017

Length: 6.9 mins.

In Jacopo Miliani’s Deserto, the desert, with its shifting sand dunes, symbolises an existence in transformation. The desert also refers to two films in particular: Teorema (1968) by Pier Paolo Pasolini and The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994) by Stephan Elliot. These films provide the starting point for Miliani’s tale of queer identities. Choreographed hand movements conjure up a state where static roles are dismantled and the boundaries between real and fictive identities are erased.

Selected by: GAMEC, Bergamo.

Senem Gökçe Ogultekin: Dun, 2018

Length: 13.13 mins.

This film was shot among the ruins of the medieval city of Ani (10th century) on the closed border between Turkey and Armenia. Senem Gökçe Oğultekin has chosen to work with two dancers, one from Turkey and the other from Armenia, who meet in physical interplay. The choreography implies a dialogue between the two countries on each side of the border. The act is based on the notion that a more sensual existence offers the capability to cross cultural barriers and rid ourselves of prejudices.

Selected by: Istanbul Modern.

Carolina Caycedo: Apparitions, 2018

Length: 9.11 mins.

Carolina Caycedo is interested in territorial resistance and wishes to occupy white places in ways they have never been captured before. In Apparitions, ghostlike dancers occupy the Huntington Library, a historical landmark of Los Angeles. The dancers’ brown, black and queer bodies make sensual movements inspired by an Afro-Brazilian ritual for goddesses Oxum and Orisha who represent water, sexual pleasure, fertility and love.

Selected by: Ballroom Marfa, Texas.