Artists’ Film International, part IV

9 oct 10 nov 2019

Tomasz Machcinski, My Songs 2011–2016

Selected by: Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, Polen

Since the 1960s, Tomasz Machciński has taken over 22,000 self-portrait pictures of himself, in which he embodies appropriated or fictional identities. Machciński employs a digital camera to experiment with moving imagery, documenting his performances. The medium in Machciński’s art is his own disabled, non-normative body. By alternatingly exposing and hiding his physical shortcomings, the artist controls his audience’s gaze.

Mwangi Hutter (Ingrid Mwangi & Robert Hutter), Eastleigh Crossing, 2009

Selected by: Neuer Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin, Tyskland

Since 2005, Ingrid Mwangi and Robert Hutter have worked under the pseudonym Mwangi Hutter, coming together to create art that investigates cultural backgrounds and gender roles. In their film Eastleigh Crossing, Ingrid Mwangi wades through a flooded street in Nairobi, in something which the duo refer to as a Guerrilla Action. She behaves irrationally, breaking from social etiquette and irritating passers-by.

Fannie Sosa, I Need This In My Life, 2016

Selected by: Fundación PROA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Fannie Sosa is an artist, activist and academic. Her work is built around trans-ness, decolonial sexualities and pleasure as a form of resistance. She got the title for her work I Need This In My Life from a note her roommate wrote after borrowing ‘the womanizer’, a vibrator shaped differently from the traditional phallic dildo.