Frida Orupabo

28 aug10 nov 2024

Bonniers Konsthall is proud to start the autumn season 2024 with the artist Frida Orupabo’s first institutional solo exhibition in Sweden.

Frida Orupabo, born in 1986, is a sociologist and artist based in Oslo, Norway, and has achieved significant international success in recent years.  Her image-based practice focuses primarily on digital and physical collages, where she explores issues of race, family relations, gender, sexuality, violence and identity. Her works often feature black bodies, subjected to exploitation throughout history. Orupabo manipulates pictures, cuts them out, adds and excludes elements, and then reassembles them. The result is comparable to paper dolls, but rather than play, they represent figures of resistance. The exhibition at Bonniers Konsthall presents several new works.

Commissioned by Bonniers Konsthall and Astrup Fearnley Museet. The exhibition will be presented at Astrup Fearnley Museet in 2025.

Image: Frida Orupabo, Triples, 2024