Stuff it

In connection with Peter Geschwind’s exhibition After Image, Bonniers Konsthall opens one of its galleries and welcomes artist to participate with a work. The initiative is a sequel to Stuff it, an exhibition that took place in 1998 at the artist-run gallery Ynglingagatan 1, where Geschwind was one of the driving forces.

In 1998, those who wanted to participate came to Stuff it and installed their works themselves, thus the exhibition was in part a social event in which the meeting between artists was in focus. We hope to recreate that spirit in Stuff it at Bonniers Konsthall – a place to meet, install art, and talk.

The artists who wish to participate are welcome to Bonniers Konsthall with their works on 13 February, at 12 pm–6 pm.


Important dates

Installation: 13 Feb, 12 pm–6 pm
Exhibition period: 15 Feb – 2 Apr
Deinstallation: 2 Apr, 12 pm – 8 pm

The exhibition opens on 14 February, in parallel with Peter Geschwind’s exhibition After Image.


  • Participants are responsible for the work being able to be hung up/installed.
  • Bonniers Konsthall only accepts works that can exhibited throughout the exhibition period, 13 February–2 April, 2023.
  • Participants are responsible for providing information about the work when installing it. Name, title, year, technique, and measures.
  • Bonniers Konsthall unfortunately cannot provide more advanced technology, such as projectors, speakers, etc.
  • Participants must take down and away their works themselves, or send a representative to do so: Sunday 2 April, at 12 pm–8 pm. Bonniers Konsthall is not responsible for works that are not removed. Bonniers Konsthall does not have to possibility to return works or keep them after 2 April, 2023.
  • Participants must bring their own packing material. Bonniers Konsthall does not have the possibility to save or store packing material left after installing the works.
  • When participating in Stuff it, you agree to give Bonniers Konsthall the permission to use images of your work in the promotion of the exhibition without fee. For example, through publication on the Bonnier Konsthall website, Instagram, or Facebook, in printed material, and in advertising and marketing material in connection with the exhibition, as well as through distribution to the press and media free of charge. By the end of the exhibition, Bonniers Konsthall has the right to use the press images in future marketing connected to Stuff it, and other activities of Bonniers Konsthall without fee.
  • No sales will be mediated by Bonniers Konsthall.
  • Any travel to and from Bonniers Konsthall, and accommodation in connection with the installation and taking down of the work, and/or the opening of the exhibition, is paid by the participant.
  • Bonniers Konsthall reserve the right not to receive, or to remove material we consider dangerous for the public, staff, premises, and other artworks.

Image: Stuff it, Ynglingagatan 1, 1998.