The Mystical Space: A Guided Tour in Dialogue with Ulf Danielsson

Wed 23 oct 20196:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Space and its mysteries have always attracted and fascinated people, and has historically served as a projection surface for fantasies, myths and religious visions. But what does science really say about what’s out there?

In this guided tour, the curator Caroline Elgh Klingborg guides you through the exhibition Cosmological Arrows and asks questions about space to Ulf Danielsson, professor in theoretical physics. Why haven’t we found any life in space? Is it possible that humans would be able to adapt to a life on Mars? What have we done to try to connect with non-human existences? The exhibition freely touches upon subjects like astrology, physics and science, but also the big issues about the future, existence and survival of our planet.

Ulf Danielsson is professor in theoretical physics at Uppsala University. He is conducting research in string theory and cosmology, and is also a writer of popular scientific literature.


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