Death Mass IV

Sun 26 may1:00 pm

A death mass is a requiem. The word requiem is Latin and means rest. The mass centers on prayer for the deceased.

The heart of the exhibition is a large newly produced work in the form of a six-meter high timbered black bell tower in the main exhibition space of Bonniers Konsthall. Several times per hour, the bell in the stack rings for the work’s protagonist Eva-Britt. On Sundays, Markus Öhrn and his invited guests give performances in the form of death masses at the top of the tower. Each death mass has a special place in Markus and Eva-Britt’s relationship and becomes the artist’s personal tribute and redress of a person who has played a crucial role in his life.

I’ve had a bell tower built in the main exhibition space, where I cast a bell with my grandmother’s name on it, at which my brother and I hold death masses in her memory. So I’m taking my experience with live performance and trying to concentrate that energy and convey a message that the audience can take home with them. It’s not just about my grandmother, it’s about all of our grandmothers and other older people around us. 

– Markus Öhrn

Included in the entrance ticket, no pre-registration required.

Photo: Weronika Bela