BKH Curator Award 2019

Bonniers Konsthall is proud to present the four finalists for the BKH Curator Award; Eliel Jones, Liudmila Kirsanova, Sophie Rose and Mathilde Walker-Billaud. The winner will be selected in early November by a jury featuring Omar Kholeif, Elena Filipovic and Magnus af Petersens. The exhibition featuring the winning entry will open in Bonniers Konsthall’s Galleri 1 on the 6th of May, 2020.

Eliel Jones was educated in England and Scotland. He currently lives in London, where he works as a freelance writer for publications such as Artforum and The Guardian. With his exhibition proposal – My Body, Your Party – he hopes to inspire a discussion on how the human body is represented in contemporary art. His exhibition would involve participating artists using their own or other people’s bodies to pose questions about who, when and on what terms they allow their bodies to be observed.

Liudmila Kirsanova was educated in Moscow, and currently lives in Vienna. Her exhibition proposal – I Giraffe in 2014 – features young artists from Johannesburg, who all work with the traditional South African handicraft of print making. In this exhibition, Kirsanova would highlight the history of print making and how it can be used today in the fight against various oppressive systems and regimes.

Sophie Rose is from Australia, and currently works as the assistant curator at the Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art. With her exhibition proposal – Choreographed Unrest: Dance as Activism – Rose emphasises the connection between dance and activism, and the manner in which choreography can be wielded as a political instrument. The exhibition would feature both live and documented performances.

Mathilde Walker-Billaud is originally from France, and is now based in New York, where she studies at the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College. Her exhibition proposal – The World Is Gone, I Must Carry You – features artists that work with recording, transcribing and reviving forgotten minority languages and different forms of indigenous knowledge systems.

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