Bonniers Konsthall occupies the entire ground floor of the transparent triangular building at Torsgatan, designed by Johan Celsing Architects.

The architecture’s changing spatialities and glass facade facing the city reflects on Bonniers Konsthall’s desire to be an open and accessible venue, sensitive to new movements and changing expressions of contemporary art.

The building’s clothes-iron shape follows the curve of Torsgatan. The art facilities takes up the entire ground floor, with an area of 1890 square metres, of which 700 are for exhibition space. The other four floors house offices used for other purposes.

Bonniers Konsthall has a large, seven-metre-high exhibition space that lets in the daylight, exhibition spaces with full visual contact out onto the city through the glass façade, along with an enclosed space unaffected by its surroundings. The open exhibition areas can be rearranged as necessary using the built-in sliding walls.

Chu Yun’s installation, Unspeakable Happiness, 2003 in the exhibition Sprout from White Nights, 2008. Photo:Bonniers Konsthall