AKT c – SR c takes farewell

Between 2001 and 2012 SR c has been a sound-periodical with episodes one can return to. Now, our journey along with the Swedish Radio has reached it´s end.

Until September 20 you can still take part of our work (listen, download, share). Our English home hosts works in Hebrew, Icelandic, French…

SR c has been a radio channel for art, culture and ideas, and an audio-magazine in themes with visual landscapes to go into and to find radio in. It has been av exploration for new ways of presenting, producing and perceiving radio.

SR is for Swedish Radio, the National Public Radio, and c is for seeing. Seeing as in the programs we produced, programs that evoke imagery, like radio drama, hörspiel and documentaries. And of course as in the visual content that will be available for some days still; graphics, drawings, animation, video etc.

Also C is for see as in understanding, and seeing through; “truths”, cultural preconceptions and smartness. (-you can never be too intelligent, but you can be too smart).

And it’s been about see-through. A wish to strip bare the voice, make it free of professional tone, so that it is just the person there in the radio studio with a wish to talk. Not to everyone, but directly to each and someone.