Lap-See Lam / Dreamers’ Quay, Dreamers’ Key

9 feb 3 apr 2022

The Swedish artist Lap-See Lam’s practice evolves around the creation of stories through text, animation, and sculptural installations. The exhibition Dreamers’ Quay, Dreamers’ Key is composed like an all-encompassing installation and a story in magical realism through time, space, and dreams. The narrative takes the audience from 1970s Chinese restaurants back in time to European Chinoiserie and the early mercantile relations between Canton and Sweden. Lap-See Lam (born 1990) is the most recent winner of the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter’s prestigious cultural prize. Dreamers’ Quay, Dreamers’ Key is her most extensive solo presentation to date.

Thanks to:
Pico Interactive
Stena Metall
Nordic Brass Gusum