Cinema Shadow

11 nov 2014

In Cinema Shadow, Laura Lima creates a magical scenario, where a feature film is simultaneoulsy being filmed and screened in real-time at a cinema. The audience may view the film in the cinema, and are informed that the film they are watching is being recorded at the very same moment. When the filming process is complete, there is no longer the possibility to watch the film. This work lasts for a total of eight hours, and is filmed in both Stockholm and Rio de Janeiro. Laura Lima has composed an organic script that may be altered throughout the filming process, directed by the unexpected hindrances and mistakes that lie at the hear of the filmmaking process. In Lima’s filmaking, there is absolutely no space allocated for retakes. The story is based around a trip with an unclear motive, beginning in Stockholm and ending at Pracia do Diablo (Devil’s Beach) in Rio de Janeiro.

Cinema Shadow has previously been filmed and screened in two different versions: Cinema Shadow “Unspecified” in London (15 hours) and Cinema Shadow “Segundo” in Rio de Janeiro (100 hours).

Thanks to Nyhetsbolaget, Berns and the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Cinema Shadow is not filmmaking, it is perhaps reality. It is not theatre, it is not installation, maybe fiction. It is not performance.

Laura Lima


The material for Vertriptical was selected in dialogue with São Paulo-based curator and writer Daniela Castro.