Art Hack Day

11 apr13 apr 2013

Welcome to Art Hack Day on the theme Larger than life!

Art Hack Day aims to expand the artistic process and create an interdisciplinary platform for the creation of new projects and ideas. During two days, sixty artists, engineers, programmers and technicians will gather at Bonniers Konsthall and develop new art. The event will end with an open exhibition and party at Bonniers Konsthall, where the public is invited to see and test the projects.

Art Hack Day has previously been held in Boston, New York and San Francisco, but will now for the first time come to Europe and Stockholm. We want you to join and contribute!

The theme of the Stockholm event is Larger than life. We are looking for ideas that relate to topics and questions such as:

  • How do we choose to document our existence? How do we use technology to create a log of our lives?
  • Is eternal life desirable? What is immortality?
  • What is a diary and what is monitoring in a time where our actions on blogs, Twitter, Facebook are saved and used for customized information, and our geographic location and movements are easily mapped via mobile phones?
  • What information will be saved for the future? Pictures, movies, data archives …
  • Who controls history? How can technology be used to spread disinformation, smoke screens and alternative stories of our lives?
  • What is an authentic story and what is fiction? Are we directing our lives for posterity?

How does it work?

Art Hack Day in Stockholm is a collaborative project by Bonniers Konsthall, Art Hack Day and Bonnier AB, and will take place at Bonniers Konsthall beginning at 6pm on April 11-13. Over the course of two days, participants will work with the design of their projects. At 6pm pn Saturday April 13th,the gallery doors will open to the public.
Before the actual workshop the participants will be able to meet, establish and develop partnerships and ideas for their projects on an online forum.

Here is a video and a project presentation that was created during Art Hack Day New York: video projekt.