Against Time

12 sep25 nov 2007

Contemporary art is fascinated with recreating the past; a past that is reinterpreted, re-used and given new meanings through creative re-writings and new writings. The exhibition’s participants address how we experience time, how we tell stories, and what function the image and the reconstruction of the past performs in the present.

An important element in the exhibition is the comprehensive anthology Anachronisms in which the artists and authors participate. The book is a collaboration between Bonniers Konsthall and Albert Bonniers Publishing House.

With thanks to

Bibendum, Clarion Hotel, Culture Ireland, Danska Kunstrådet, Mondriaan Stichting/Mondriaan Foundation, MTAB, Polish Institute, Czech Institute, German Embassy.

Leif Holmstrand, Prams, 2007.| Foto:Bonniers Konsthall