20 Years!

24 sep 20067 jan 2007

In order to celebrate its 20 years anniversary, Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation has invited 51 former grant recipients to Bonniers Konsthall to exhibit their most recent work.

The artists, who have developed over the past three decades, actively working and exhibiting in both Sweden and abroad, represent a comprehensive and diverse body of work. This exhibition takes the past activities of the Foundation as its starting point, linking them to the present by asking the grant recipients to exhibit some of their more recent work. The participating artists work with a wide range of techniques and forms of expression – painting, sculpture, video, drawing, objects and installations. The artists’ objectives, subject matters and methods are also extremely diverse. Several generations of artists representing a variety of artistic expressions, objectives and working methods come together to form a multi-faceted whole.

Jacob Dahlgren, Heaven is a place on earth – red white blue, 2006| Photo: Bonniers Konsthall.

Participating artists:

Sissel Tolaas
Eva Löfdahl
Fredrik Wretman
Lena Laurin Karlström
Martin Wickström
Roger Risberg
Cecilia Edefalk
Per Hüttner
Martin Ålund
Stefan Karlsson
Cecilia Sikström
Sissel Wibom
Thomas Olsson
Olov Tällström
Karin Mamma Andersson
Sunniva McAlinden
Gunnar Larsson
Peter Ern
Birgitta Muhr
Thomas Henriksson
Arijana Kajfes
Michael West
Karin Ohlin
Richard G. Carlsson
Klara Kristalova
Björn Stampes
Magnus Wassborg
Johanna Karlin
Åsa Larsson
Cecilia Parsberg
Tanja Airaksinen
Carl-Fredrik Ekström
Eva Marklund
Helena Mutanen
Fredrik Persson
Jacob Dahlgren
Linn Fernström
Marcus Eek
Björn Perborg
Charlotte Enström
Petra Lindholm
Sven Nilsson
Thomas Broomé
Stina Stigell
Ann Böttcher
Tilda Lovell
Gunnel Wåhlstrand
Lisa Jeannin
Lisa Jonasson
Lina Selander
Johan Svensson