Soul Manufacturing Corporation

Soul Manufacturing Corporation (2011–) is an ongoing project by the internationally acclaimed artist Theaster Gates (USA), in which he creates fully functioning ceramic workshops in exhibition rooms. In the workshop at Bonniers Konsthall, a master and an apprentice collaboratively create ceramic craft objects through traditional Japanese techniques. Gates describes the installation as a “thing making workshop” and Japanese master ceramist Koichi O’Hara has been invited to start up the workshop. As part of the work, a specific Care Program has been developed in order to offer masters and apprentices various forms of care such as hand massage, readings or music performances. Parts of this program are offered to you as a visitor as well!

I think that studying clay helped me understand that ugly things, muddy things, or things that are unformed are just waiting for the right set of hands. So, in a way, maybe clay became a metaphor that helped me understand the rest of the world, but maybe it was for me like a proverb.
– Theaster Gates

Masters at Bonniers Konsthall are Calle Forsberg, Joanna Günther, Rami Khoury and Masayoshi Oya. Apprentices are from the programme in Ceramic and Glass at Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and design.

Care Program

Wed. Sep. 19, 3–8 pm
In the Place of Dance, performance by Irina Anufrieva.
Irina Anufrieva is a dancer, choreographer and performance artist with a background in classical ballet and Japanese Butoh. Anufrieva creates hypnotic acts with dense intensity, based on texts, ideas and materials that explore bodily experiences and the premises of our existence. It is possible to come and go during the duration of the performance.

Wed. Oct. 24, 6 pm
Live set with These Heavy Clouds
These Heavy Clouds offers a world full of pumping bass, lesbian declarations of love, strobe lightings, anxiety and flirtatious atmosphere. Like a concert, the live sets by These Heavy Clouds are based on electronic pop songs.

With support from the Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation.