Information about the coronavirus

Open as usual
To ensure that we do not exceed the limit of 50 visitors (rules as of March 29th 2020) Bonniers Konsthall is open to booked visits only. We follow closely the progression of the Corona virus covid-19, the decisions of the Government and guidelines from the Public Health Department.

About your visit
In order for you to feel safe during your visit at Bonniers Konsthall we have enforced certain routines to ensure a clean environment. Surfaces exposed to frequent touch are cleaned daily and hand sanitizers are located in designated areas. We kindly ask of you as visitor at Bonniers Konsthall to, just like us, follow the guidelines from the Public Health Department and stay at home if you are sick. When coming from outside we wish that you wash your hands thoroughly, keep a respectful distance from one another and cough and sneeze in your arm or in a napkin.

Restaurant Bistro BKH
We have removed all self-service in Bistro BKH and the staff use gloves. Surfaces that are frequently exposed to touch are thoroughly cleaned. Until further notice we do not handle cash.

Internal measures
All of our staff follow closely the guidelines of the National Health Department and stay home when sick. We have decided to cancel all international travel and are holding most meetings through Skype or over the phone.