Holiday workshop: Stop Motion

Sat 4 mar 202312:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Be inspired by Peter Geschwind’s “reality animations” and learn how to animate!

The workshop begins with a guided tour of Peter Geschwind’s exhibition After Image to which the whole family is welcome. Afterwards, the workshop takes place for children only in our library, Hörnan. Rec. from 8 years. In Swedish.

Workshop leader is Peter Larsson.

The workshop is conducted on two occasions, Fri 3 March and Sat 4 March, starting at 12 noon. Limited number of participants.

Advance registration is required! Email to [email protected]. Enter your name and which date you want to participate. Tickets are picked up no later than half an hour before the workshop starts.

Image: Peter Geschwind, Slow Motion Scene II, 2014. Photo: Peter Geschwind