Tarek Atoui

Tarek Atoui (b. 1980, Beirut, Lebanon) is one of the world’s most celebrated contemporary sound artists. Performances utilising custom-built electronic instruments and computers, alongside Atoui’s intense physical presence, have become his trademark. The performances are for the most part improvised, but are consistently grounded in a search for new sounds and meticulous research into sound archives and collections.

In The Metastable Cut, Atoui’s starting point is the Electronic Music Studio (EMS) in Stockholm and the historical role it has played in the world of electronic music and sound art. Atoui cuts some of the most valuable compositions from EMS’s sound archive into thousands of micro samples, which become the sound material for a new version of The Metastable Circuit – the instrument he first created at the dOCUMENTA13 in 2012. This new instrument will generate an autonomous and continuously changing flow of soundscapes, and will allow the artist to explore new methods of collaborative and collective composition along with students from Royal College of Art, Royal Technical University and Royal College of Music.

During Art of Memory, Atoui will direct a work process and series of collective performances where a new generation of musicians, composers and performers will revisit EMS’s heritage, improvising and working with his instrument and the new possibilities it offers. The project is a collaboration amongst Electronic Music Studio (EMS), Royal College of Art, Royal Technical University and Royal College of Music. Sebastian Edin is first assistant. With thanks to NKF Malongen Nordic Guest Studio.

With support from The Electronic Music Studio and Institut français de Suède.

Salon: Tarek Atoui at The Haunted Palace Wednesday, 20 November 6-9 pm.

Tarek Atoui together with Jonas Kjellberg, Katt Hernandez, Hampus Norén, Ellen Arkbro, Shida Shahabi, Jonatan Svensson, Oscar Friberg, Jacek Smolocki and Sebastian Edin.

(Schefferska Palatset), Drottninggatan 116, Stockholm.
6 – 9 pm. (Each visit lasts for about 30 minutes)
80 kr (Free entrance for members)

Tickets: 80 kr (Regular entrance fee, free for Bonniers Konsthall members)
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The concert will take place in the palace state apartment and visitors will move around in the rooms. Each visit lasts for about 30 minutes. When you booked your ticket, we will give you your entrance time. Please come 10 minutes before your entrance time.

Tarek Atoui. Photo: Jade Collet
Tarek Atoui. Photo: Jade Collet