Tell a Friend

30 apr8 jun 2008

The governing principle for the selection of artists participating in Tell a Friend has been linking and networking, and seizes upon our time’s most striking characteristic: the net’s opportunities for exchanging information. Bonniers Konsthall invited people from its network to suggest artists from the emerging Swedish art scene. This helped us collect a group of artists to contribute to the exhibition, who all work within different fields such as visual art, architecture, set design, music and design.

Tell a Friend has allowed a subjective and zestful selection process to be the guiding principle. Linking and networking have opened up the principle of selection to a temporary, non-hierarchical network where the co-collaborators set the agenda. The method emphasises an activity in change and motion, where the linking and connecting elements open up contact areas between individuals, practices and traditions.

A big thank you to those who provided us with tips:
Henric Benesch, Carl Boutard, Kira Carpelan, Jacob Dahlgren, Sara Despres, Thomas Elovsson, Friendly Noise, Marianna Garin, David Giese, Olof Glemme, Dan Hallemar, Annika von Hausswolff, Maria Hedlund, Johannes Heldén, Leif Holmstrand, Arijana Kajfes, Mikael Kangas, Sarah Kim, Anna Koch, Andreas Kurtsson, Lars Bang Larsen, Anna Lundin, Anna Lundström, Sinziana Ravini, Lina Selander, Gustav Sparr, Astrid Stenberg, Peter och Martin Ström, Johan Svensson, Carl Waern, Magnus Wassborg, Adnan Yıldız, Paola Zamora, Malin Pettersson Öberg.


Stina Wirfelt, Oas, 2007.

Wednesday Evenings

7 may

Four guests talk about works in the exhibition and invite you to a surprising art relay. With Jonna Bornemark, doctorate in philosophy, Anders Rydell, journalist, Anders Karnell, programme leader, Tor Lindstrand, architect, and Mårten Spångberg, choreographer. Musician Magnus Granberg from Sheriff DJs.

14 may

Erik Jeor (Balroynigress) sings duets along to Niklas Korssell’s drums. Musician Hans Appelqvist DJs.

21 may

Premiere for Anna Ådahl’s film In dependence with Elin Klinga and David Mjönes. Musician Eric Malmberg DJs.

28 may

Åsa Cederqvist’s performance The Shit Comes from Within. Johan Berthling from Häpna DJs.

4 june

Katarina Nitsch directs the spotlight on allegorical and mythological creatures in a staging in the gallery’s rooms. Linn Persson from Häpna DJs.

Thanks to Ambius

Top image: Åsa Cederqvist, The Shit comes from Within, 2008. Photo: Bonniers Konsthall