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Late in 2020, presents two new films: one by Tora Wallander and the other by artist duo Hillside Projects.

In recent years, more artists are drawing attention to the ongoing ecological crisis. The films I’m thinking about this whole world; clouds below, space above and Memorial for the Lost are an emphatic part of this new movement in art that relates to the natural world and how humankind’s accelerating growth has caused everything from increasing temperatures to ocean acidification and mass extinction of the Earth’s species. By considering humans as an evident part of nature – instead of separate from it – Tora Wallander and Hillside Projects create new narratives for this era, with a desire to contribute to a sustainable future.

The exhibition programme at will vary and continue until further notice.

Tora Wallander
I’m thinking about this whole world; clouds below, space above, 2020
Duration: 33 min

Hillside Projects
Memorial for the Lost
Duration: 20:11 min