Welcome to our digital exhibition space:! During a time of various restrictions on a visiting public, we are making an alternative kind of visit available.

During the summer of 2021, presents two new films by Nada Ali and Danae Valenza.

In the wake of losses and crises, how can the power of art and music make us humans heal? The films The Making and Breaking of an Icon and The Windows Became a Glass Drum show how both personal and collective memories are changeable units that exist in the gaps between past, present and future. Nada Ali’s and Danae Valenza’s films present the artistic work process as an active place where memories can be processed, recreated and renewed.

The exhibition programme at will vary and continue until further notice.

Nada Ali
The Making and Breaking of an Icon, 2021
Duration: 8:30 min

Danae Valenzas
The Windows Became a Glass Drum, 2020
Duration: 9:35 min