Theodor Ringborg becomes new CEO of Konsthall Tornedalen

From March 1st, 2023, Theodor Ringborg will head Konsthall Tornedalen, a new cultural institution being built in Vitsaniemi, a village just south of the polar circle, and will therefore leave his position as Artistic Director of Bonniers Konsthall. Ringborg was recruited as curator at Bonniers Konsthall in 2016 and became its artistic director in August 2019. With his open, engaging and curious approach to art and its potential he has contributed substantially to the development of the artistic programme at Bonniers Konsthall.

As our artistic director, Ringborg has been crucial in strengthening Bonniers Konsthall’s position. Under his artistic directorship, Bonniers Konsthall has had a strong international presence while it has also deepened local collaborations.

“I am so glad for my time at Bonniers Konsthall. I am very grateful to the board, my colleagues, and above all, the artists and partners I have worked with over the years. We are currently busy with this autumn’s exhibitions. I will be leaving after the opening of the Peter Geschwind exhibition in spring 2023, and can’t imagine a better end to my time at Bonniers Konsthall,” says Ringborg.

Bonniers Konsthall emerged from the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation and its work for young art. During his time at the Konsthall, Ringborg has substantially furthered opportunities for young artists, for instance by giving the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation’s Grant Recipients an annual major exhibition at the Konsthall, an initiative that began in 2020.

“Ringborg has made an invaluable contribution to Bonniers Konsthall. He believes passionately in the power of art and its crucial significance to society, and we look forward to taking part in the work he will now embark on at Konsthall Tornedalen,” says Pontus Bonnier, chairman of the board of Bonniers Konsthall.

The recruiting process for a new Artistic Director at Bonniers Konsthall will begin shortly.