Wednesday Program: Live concert

Wed 23 mar 20226:00 pm

Live concert: Dreamers' Quay

Welcome to a live concert with Linus Hillborg and Marlena Salonen, who have composed music for Lap-See Lam’s new work Dreamers’ Quay (2022) in her major solo exhibition. The work takes viewers on a journey in time from the Chinese Pavilion, and onwards to the Dragon Boat and the East-India Company. During the evening, the work will be activated when parts of the music are performed live.

On Wednesday, 23 March, we will temporarily close Lap-See Lam’s exhibition in preparation for the event, from 4.30–6 PM.

The Stockholm-based composer and musician Linus Hillborg (b. 1989) is active in several fields, including electronic music and EAM, film music and post punk. In his practice, he explores recycling of technologies, materials and media. In 2021, he released his first solo work, Magelungsverket, a development of his multimedia installation Orphan Works, which was built with a discarded computer game engine, and he will soon feature on a new album of recent music published by XKatedral. He also co-manages the record label Moloton.

Marlena Salonen (b. 1988) is a Stockholm-based sound artist and musician who has previously collaborated with Lap-See Lam on the work Phantom Banquet, for which she created music and sound. In 2021, she created the multi-channel work Vävda brev for the exhibition Boro at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiquities and also released the album Tiny Portals. She has released several albums with experimental electronic music under various aliases and is one of the names behind the record label Moloton.

Entrance fee to the exhibition is included in the price. Limited admission.

Image: Linus Hillborg och Marlena Salonen. Photo: Axel Backman.



Ticket release February 2. Ticket release for members January 26.