Wednesday program: All of Our Body

Wed 9 oct 20196:00 pm - 7:30 pm

What is a body? As of 2019, we live in a world where the line between human and machine becomes more and more blurred, for example through technical innovations such as dental implants, pacemakers and research in the field of artificial intelligence. But just how does this impact the way we view our own and other people’s bodies? Where do we draw the line between human and machine? Does this boundary become more important or even more irrelevant?

It’s impossible to speak about the human body without reflecting on the times in which we live. When the Me Too movement hit Sweden in 2017, the question of power in relation to the human body came to the forefront. Who is entitled to look at who? What happens to a body when it is watched? At the same time, climate change forces us to consider our existence from a more holistic perspective, and the question of our responsibility for our collective body arises.

Join us this Wednesday evening for a discussion on various body-related topics, led by a panel of experts from three diverse disciplines. We will address questions without specific answers, challenges without set solutions, exploring and reflecting upon them together.

During the evening, Anne Pajunen will also perform a musical performance in two acts, Music box II – The RE-turn. A piece that both comments on today’s information flow and the need to constantly be available, as well as the search for the perfect existence and the ultimate recipe for success and eternal life.

The discussion will be held in English.

Olga Cielemęcka, doctor (PhD) of philosophy, and researcher in gender studies and environmental humanities
Sam Ghazi, author, recently published science-fiction novel The Teonauts
Anna Hoetjes, artist, exhibiting at Cosmological Arrows
Caroline Elgh Klingborg, curator at Bonniers Konsthall
Anne Pajunen is a composer, singer, performance artist and viola player.

The discussion will be moderated by Pernilla Glaser of RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden, and will begin at 6.00pm. From 5.15, Bistro BKH will be open to discussion attendees and will remain open until 8.00pm.

Photo: Lee Bul, Cravings, 1989. Outdoor performance. Still from original performance. Photo courtesy: Studio Lee Bul.


Regular 100 SEK
Student / Senior 80 SEK
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Limited number of seats.