Spring break workshop

Fri 2 mar 201812:00 pm

What do you see through the window? Who is hiding beneath the stairs? Where does the maze end up? Make your way to the Konsthall during spring break for a workshop inspired by Jens Fänge’s Dreams exhibition. Join workshop leader Emmelie Rudsberg as we create secret spaces – rooms with invisible doors and hidden corners, inhabited by wacky weirdos and crazy characters.
Two sessions: 12pm and 2pm

Length: approx 90 min. Recommended for children from 5 up. Younger siblings are more than welcome to join! Limited space. Pre-booking required: program@bonnierskonsthall.se. Collect tickets at least 30 minutes before the workshop begins. In Swedish.

Photo: Jens Fänge ”Journeys at Home”, 2016. Installation view from the exhibition ”The Hours Before”, Galerie Perrotin 2016. Photo: Galerie Perrotin.