Sign Painting Studio

Sat 24 feb 20181:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Bring a placard home with you! In British artist Peter Liversidge’s Sign Painting Studio visitors are invited to bring a text based placard home with them.

British artist Peter Liversidge will be working with Bonniers Konsthall throughout 2018 with performances, interventions and artworks. Liversidge’s exhibiton presenting Proposals functions as a starting point generating new works. A number of proposals are addressed to the Konsthall, and represent an artistic method inspiring a dialogue. Certain proposals are impossible to realise, but not all. What is possible? Which proposals can Bonniers Konsthall undertake?

Proposal – Sign Painting Studio
“I propose to set up a Sign Painting Studio in Stockholm for the duration of the time of the exhibition. A Sign Painting Studio is a publicly accessible studio space where trained Sign Painters make text based painting for members of the public to take away with them. The Sign Paintings are presented as placards and the text is rendered in capital letters; black acrylic paint on cardboard. The text for the Sign Paintings is gathered from fellow Stockholm residents and presented as a book, from which vistitors can select Sign Paintings to be made.” – Peter Liversidge