One Hour’s Art

Sun 9 oct 20222:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Join us for a guided tour of the exhibitions Undamming Rivers, Cooking Sections, and Radio Brown Atlantis, Ayesha Hameed and guests, conducted by one of our expert guides. Our guided tours gives you a better understanding of the works in the exhibitions and the chance to learn something you didn’t know.

Our guides are Simon Blanck, Rebecca Digby, and Cariz Malekian Nordlöf, active artists or art historians themselves. They have expert knowledge of the artists, and for the ideas in the exhibitions – with experience in putting the art into a broader perspective, the guided tours are relevant, and interesting for our times. In Swedish.

One Hour’s Art is held on every Sunday, at 2 pm. The guided tour is included in the entrance ticket. Limited admission. No pre-registration is required.