Ellen Lesperance. Photo: Rose Dickson.
Ellen Lesperance. Photo: Rose Dickson.

Carry an artwork

In New Materialism, Ellen Lesperance shows a series of knitted works, departing from the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp. It was in 1981 in Berkshire, England, that a group of women came together to protest against the Royal Air Force for storing nuclear weapons in their premises. One of the sweaters in this series of works is Congratulations and Celebrations Sweater (2015). Ellen Lesperance knitted this sweater with the intention that it should be circulated to any person interested in wearing it for a personal act of courage. The idea is that this sweater will provide the wearer strength and courage, a gift and a transmission of energy from the artist, and from the accumulated energy of past participants in the project. Whoever wishes to rent the sweater can freely choose the opportunity to do so, and by carrying the wool material on their skin thus experience the tactile qualities of the work.

Would you like to wear the Congratulations and Celebrations Sweater? Declare your interest to the staff at Bonniers Konsthall when visiting the konsthall, or send a message through Instagram to the profile @congratulationsandcelebrations,where you can also see documentation of the project’s past participants. You can also send an email to program@bonnierskonsthall.se

The sweater will be offered as loan for a limited period of time, approximately three days, before being returned to Bonniers Konsthall. Every borrower is assigned to document the use
of it and after the period is over, one of these images will be published on social media.

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