Contribute to a work of art – donate goods and gadgets!

Next season opens with the first-ever solo Scandinavian exhibition of Brazilian artist Laura Lima. One of the works on display at Bonniers Konsthall is The Naked Magician (2008/2010/2013). This monumental installation includes a magician and a copious amount of different objects all in the same colour scheme, objects he can use to perform magic tricks. Nothing, however, remains secret – the naked magician reveals everything.

During the springtime, we will begin collecting various articles throughout Stockholm to be used in Laura Lima’s installation The Naked Magician. All items are to be white, beige, black or grey. Wooden items are also acceptable. Any and all peculiar second-hand finds are welcome: furnishings, bric-a-brac, pottery, taxidermy, out-dated electronics, sewing machines, stoves, bathtubs, etc. The magician has attached his wish list below.  If you have something you wish to contribute, please email a photo to Donations may either be dropped off at Bonniers Konsthall or arranged for pick-up. All contributors receive two free tickets to the exhibition, as well as a mentioning on our website.

Image above: Laura Lima, The Naked Magician, 2008/10/13
Exhibition view, Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst
Photo: Stefan Altenburger Courtesy of the artist and A Gentile Carioca, Rio de Janeiro

Magician list

Folded notebooks (different types and shapes)  (50 at least to be transformed)
Notebooks with sandpaper pages
Folder cardboard to make notebooks
Fold studies (cloth, rugs, paper, and different materials)
Cut studies (in different materials)
Second hand books with geometric cut-outs
Miscelaneous books used as research material for the magician and to make them fly
Ropes or Chords
Paint thinner
Hatchet or axe (or both)
Big knife
Walking cane
3 Rolls of Paper
Empty egg shells (emptied through a pinhole in the shell)
Big paper balls (meters and meters of paper, old newspapers, or used paper of any color, to make geometric and spacial studies, etc.)
Different types of china to be used as sculptural studies
Clay (several hundred kilos)
Things wrapped in plastic or paper
Sewing, pottery, carving, sculpting, carpentry, (etc) tools
Potters wheel
Small electrical stove (with two places)
Sewing machine
Electric Drill
Hand saw, jigsaw,
Electric Jigsaw
Electric Mixer
Electric Blender
Boxes small and big and of different types
Comic books
PVA glue
Several deck of cards (to play solitaire and to make sculptures)
3 meters Green felt (as used in playing tables)
Paints (different colors an types)
Iron oxide
Iron bits and pieces
Wooden sculptures and wood bits
Broken furniture to make sculptures
A world Globe
Books and notebooks made of Kraft paper
Rolls of Kraft paper (to make landscapes, holes, mountains, inverted mountains)
Glass bottles
Chests of drawers
Cachaça/Vodka (they will be catalogued and inscribed on the bottle)
Pens and pencils and artist materials
Rejected drawings
Bay leaves
Sculpture-hats (3 meters of black carpet material)
Sea salt
Lime (used to whitewash walls)
shirt buttons
button-down shirts
White bed sheets
Toilet paper (at least 50 rolls)
Small bird’s nest
Cuckoo clock with a cone sculpture in lieu of the cuckoo
Plastic bottles
Bell jars
Cube studies
Varied geometric form studies (drawn or constructed)
Paper ornaments
Cords and ropes of different sizes and types
Cloth samples
Old (and nice) wooden boxes
Assortment of paintbrushes
Assortment of screws (to be used and to be displayed)
Assortment of sandpaper (of different colors and coarseness)
White hair (from hair salons)
Dark hair too
Hot glue
Music boxes (several to be played sometimes simultaneously)
Vinyl records
Dictionaries (various languages)
Scultptures (existant)
Stuffed animals
Gold paint
Silver paint
Tree stumps
Telefone Cables
Electrical Cables
Old Telephone
Metal pipes
Ventilation pipes
Suspended notebooks
Cusious collections to be put in shelves
Various metal shelves that can be arranged modified and crumpled.
Glasses of diverse sizes
Working tesla coil
Various inventions that can be used by people
Printed images
Rolls of kraft paper
Plastic boxes
Broken toys
Desktop fan
Construction bucket
Hardcover notebooks
Assortment of scissors
Lawn mower
White gloves
Mannequins and parts of mannequins
Onions and peppers
Umbrella structures, closed
Oriental or oriental-influenced objects

(to be continued) (and reinvented)